• Mending the shoes
  • Being sidelined when you are different means missing out
  • Balcony overview
  • Two people, two images
  • The Boss Venice
  • Grafitti is common in Hosier Lane
  • Life Drawing on Display
  • Very quick study
  • Nude pose
  • At rest, laying about
  • Sitting with my canine companion
  • Life drawing session
  • An urban bee hive
  • Blue design element
  • A view of the Rialto building in Melbourne
  • History supporting life today
  • Abseiling cleaners
  • Federation Square
  • Sculptural support.
  • Mystery in the mountain mist
  • Companions in nature, trees and rocks.
  • Trees supported
  • Marks that tell a story
  • Trees shading the buildings in Japan
  • The third painting of Marysville Forest
  • Stunning light effects in the gorge.
  • Dead but surrounded by life giving water. Irony indeed.This image was ironic because in the middle of a drought we had huge rain and these dead trees
  • A moment in time in Notre Dame
  • The Boss Venice
  • Another bridge view Venice
  • Fishing boat Lerici Italy
  • Coffee Break
  • Landscape pathways
  • Summer flowers in the high country
  • Aerial patchwork
  • Mist cloaks the day
  • Mystery in the mountain mist
  • Sun trying to break through the mist
  • Sunrise at the Mt Buller summit in summer
  • Sparse land in squares
  • Birds heading home
  • Constant wave movement close to shorethe movement of water and waves at the beach. There is a constant heart beat of the wave hitting the shore
  • Waves crash onto rocks
  • Water finding a path to lower ground
  • Stream will flow
  • Water at oceans edge.
  • Hopkins Falls thundering after heavy rain
  • Going down in my red jacket
  • My Pace is the same as yours on an escalator.
  • Connecting points.
  • About to arrive
  • Black and White opposites


I am Ev Hales.

I am an artist.
I create with colour.moods.stories.snapshots of life.with paint.images.illusions.

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