“Drawn From Life”

Life Drawing on Display
“Drawn From Life” ebook, images woirds and video.


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 When is an ebook not just another book?  When it includes images, words and video content allowing you to explore a range of options all in one place.

Savour this selection of Ev Hales’ studies of the human figure from Life Drawing sessions spanning several decades. A variety of styles, from simple pen drawing to complex watercolour paintings, reveal the artist’s breadth of skill and vision.  By combining the artist’s images with thought provoking quotes and three video demonstrations Ev Hales delivers an inspiring collection of her most instinctive work.

Hales describes it like this – “Life drawings are, I believe, the essence of any artist. One stands egotistically naked, with flaws and imperfections as well as fascinating skills revealed in the intuitive marks that emerge from such exercises.” 

The ebook is an opportunity to share over 40 of Ev Hales’ exquisite life drawings.

You will want to peruse this ebook and accompanying videos over and over again.


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