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“Lyrical Line”

A collection of pen drawings based on the first 15 minutes of a life drawing session where often 2-minute, 3 minute or 5-minute poses follow one another in quick succession   3 or 5 segments.  These are the warm up drawings for a 2- or 3-hours drawing segment.  I have used these quick linear drawings as the basis for an exploration later, where the lines are refined or textural linear work added or the placement of the figures suggests a story that can be told.

 There are many hours of follow up work in these images but I found that I did not necessarily lose the spontaneity of those first quick studies.

The display includes some pieces where multiple images are framed together. These can be purchased as a group or single.

“Warm Ups”
These warm up poses seemed like the model was making up letter shapes. That’s when the brain took off.
“Going Through the Motions”.
The simplicity of the figure accompanied by some visual texture make for interesting viewing.
“Sailors and Skeletons”.

There was something very satisfying about combining these two figures. The sailor, clothed in his dynamic stripes and the skeleton wearing his striped rib cage.

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